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Our Authority Domination Strategy

At this moment, are you currently thinking: “What is the Authority Domination Strategy?”

online-businessIf you’re a business owner looking to create a name for him or herself on the web, then this is going to be right up your alley.

We created the Authority Domination Strategy with you in mind. We created it so that business owners can build a massive presence on the semantic web. We created it so that companies can navigate the ups and downs of Google without getting slapped around every time Google updates their search engines.

The Internet is changing. The search engines and the way they deliver results are slowly moving away from keyword-based searches. They are now relying heavily upon the semantic web.

And guess what? The changes are taking place at this very moment. They been happening for a while now, and you may not have even noticed. The search engines are becoming much more organized. This is going to have a major impact on the way Google delivers search results. They will look at your entire online presence. This is how they determine authority and where you fit in to the search results in your niche.

Authority Domination Strategy: What Is It?

To put it simply, it’s our proprietary strategy. It’s a system that consists of generating massive amounts of search traffic, link building and business branding all rolled into one. This entire system funnels back to your main properties on the web. It happens through syndication, curation and social shares. It truly is a sight to behold.

Ultimately, the strategy works in numerous ways. It mainly consists of Authority Matrices. Each individual matrix is one component of the overall strategy. Each matrix has a purpose, and we use them to create backlinks, high page authority and search traffic.

The best part about this system is the massive traffic generation capabilities. We can help you flood your website and other important web properties with visitors that are highly interested in the products and services that you have to offer. This network of sites insulates everything from Google, and this allows you to rank highly in the search engines for the most important terms in your niche or market.

You may have struggled with search engine optimization in the past. Maybe you even hired someone to perform SEO services and it didn’t work out. You may have even achieved results for a while, only to see your rankings disappear with the next Google update.hummingbirds

The reason we created the authority domination strategy is simple: we do not want to see this happen to you any longer. This strategy works on a deep level. It protects your main web properties so that they do not fluctuate with the ups and downs of Google updates.

And more importantly than anything else, it’s a gigantic traffic funnel. Traffic is the Holy Grail when it comes to the Internet. It’s the lifeblood of all of your online activities. And it’s exactly what you need in order to find more paying customers for your products and services through your online efforts.

You’re here to boost your bottom line. We understand this and we’d love to help. Our system is very effective, and we created it that way for your ultimate benefit.

Authority Domination Strategy Components

semanticwebAs mentioned already, this strategy consists of a number of components that we call Authority Matrices. Each component has a purpose, but the entire system connects and becomes one gigantic, interconnected advertisement showing the world that you’re an authority in your niche. It literally surrounds your website and brands your business all at the same time.

The way to succeed on the Internet is to prove that you are an authority in your market. By having all of these properties on the web, you show Google that you are the big fish in a big pond. You show that you belong at the top of the pile. You know… the King of the Mountain!

Here’s a quick look at the Authority Matrices and what they entail…

Blog/Money Site: you can have a combination blog/money site matrix or you can have a separate blog matrix and a separate money site matrix. It all depends on how you set up your online presence prior to connecting with us to implement the authority domination strategy. If your blog and money site are the same, it’s one component. But its two components if they are separate parts of the authority domination strategy.

Reputation Matrix: this is another crucial piece of the overall puzzle. The reputation matrix is a major component for syndication, and it’s the simplest way to disseminate your content to properties scattered all over the semantic web. It’s also an important business branding component that lends massive authority to your company on the whole.

Everyone uses websites on the Internet in order to build trust, and they are also a way to distribute content. We use this distribution network to build the various matrices that fall in the Authority Domination Strategy. When you have all of these components working together, your business will thrive. This is a way to share high-value content with your prospects, and they will recognize you as the main authority in your service area.

Silo Architecture: as a business owner looking to succeed online as a part of the semantic web, silo architecture structure is an important component. This website structure is specifically what Google looks for. It’s what they want and that’s what we intend to give them. Do you want to set up your website for maximum exposure in the search engines? Then silo structure is exactly what you need to tap into free traffic and an expanded customer base through the Internet.

Social Media Matrix: this matrix works on a wide variety of levels. Ultimately, it helps with social shares and company branding. It also has an automated component as well, which drives massive amounts of traffic back to your web properties.

Authority Matrix: this matrix is one of the main components of the Authority Domination Strategy. It is a soldier so to speak. It consists of a series of complex web properties that insulate your brand from Google update penalties and changes in the algorithm. This matrix is specifically designed to help drive authority back to your main web properties. Since it’s a measure of insulation, your main web properties will never be in danger.

Additionally, this component also consists of websites like Joomla, Blogger, WordPress and Drupal, as well as others. It’s just another way to diversify the authority that’s being created. Plus it helps capture more leads and traffic which then get forwarded to the main web properties and directed into your sales funnel.

The Best Way to Capitalize on the Authority Domination Strategy

Best of searchAs a hard-working business owner, we know that your main focus needs to stay on improving and growing your company. Like most people, you probably do not have a whole lot of time to create such an immense network of web properties to build authority online.

On the other hand, creating this massive network of authority is necessary to thrive on the semantic web. It’s not something you can ignore if you want to continue doing business online.

We’d like to help solve this issue…

For a brief period of time, we are offering future customers the opportunity to take advantage of a free web consultation. We’d like to look over your current web plan in order to figure out how we can integrate the Authority Domination Strategy into the fold.

If you would like to take advantage of our generous offer without you’d at $500, please call 800-419-7150 right now. We will schedule a free consultation and set the stage so you become the top dog in your market. We look forward to working with you.

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