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Search Engine Optimization
Target the keywords your customers are using to search for your services

Targeted keywords that potential customers are searching for will lead to your website
By now you probably know that keywords utilized in your website content, referred to as SEO, are what’s needed to attract potential customers and clients and get noticed on the Internet. Without relevant keywords, your website can be lost amidst hundreds, even thousands of search results while your competitors get all the business. But not any keywords will do; you want to target keywords that will not only help you achieve first-page rankings on major search engines, but also be relevant to your services and what your customers may be actively searching for. To ensure that your site is properly optimized with keywords that deliver maximum results, our SEO services experts will carefully analyze your site and discuss your business goals to select the most viable keywords for your site.

Optimization for Your Website

Search engine optimization is perhaps the most effective Internet marketing method utilized today. It’s purpose is to get your website to achieve a high page ranking on major search engines; preferably the first page, because many Internet users do not click past the first page of results, and if you don’t show up first, they are liable to click on any competitors that do. SEO may seem easy, but there are many advanced techniques and factors that not even all Internet marketing firms are aware of or know how to utilize properly. That’s why we employ experienced, knowledgeable professionals that possess the expertise to utilize all aspects of SEO to their fullest potential, and get your site listed on the first page so that your potential customers find you first.

High Quality Content Writing

Your website content cannot be a bunch of sentences stuffed with keywords. In order for your site to rank positively on Google, your content must be unique, informative, and utilize keywords that are relevant and appear within a specific density range. How much content you put on your site, as well as what type of content, all play a role in keeping your site optimized. Our professional team can thoroughly analyze your website to see what works, what doesn’t, and what needs to be changed to improve optimization. Our SEO service includes improving or creating additional content that is informative, engaging and relevant, so that you can continue to stay one step ahead of your competitors.

Professional Link Building Services

Backlinking is another Internet marketing method that helps to improve your site’s relevancy and ranking. It is essentially the process of placing links back to your website on other sites that may be relevant, such as blogs. Links can also lead back to your site via press releases, articles, directories, or mentions on other websites. All these links also help to drive additional traffic to your website, further increasing your sales and ROI.

Major search engines also like sites that have many backlinks from other well-ranked and reputable websites. The quality of the links helps to improve your own website ranking, and can mean the difference in being listed before or after your competitors.

Our company only utilizes ethical methods to develop backlinks for your website. We will not purchase links on other sites or use unethical methods. Our promotional methods achieve the results you want.

  • Perth SEOd recently performed search engine optimization services for my Record Label “Digital Dollar Productions”. From the onset, they were very professional and informative every step of the way. They helped me to select well-targeted keyword-phrases and strategically positioned my website on the first page of Google; directly in front of my target audience with very specific and relevant search terms. Thanks

    -Brian Hutcheson, CEO Digital Dollar Productions
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