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Managing Bids and PPC Services

At, we offer our customers full-service pay per click management. This is one of our ongoing services, and you can use it to allow us to master bid effectiveness, budget management and media buys on your behalf.

search-marketingWe provide this service based on the needs of our customers. If you require thorough analysis, we can help. We have access to the best pay per click software and tools. We also find tune campaigns and optimize everything extensively.

When choosing our professional services, we provide you with a dedicated PPC provider. This person will manage your project, look over the technical data that we acquire and use it to make campaign recommendations. This is how to strategically fine tune a pay per click campaign for maximum ROI.

When it comes to PPC services, our staff is accomplished. We fully intend to deliver optimal results based on your company needs. We employ the best pay per click marketers, technical analysts and copywriters to work on your project.

Not only that… We can and will help with search engine optimization and social media strategies as well. This is the perfect complement to your PPC campaigns, and it’s the smart way to round out your marketing efforts and attack the industry on all fronts.

But more importantly than anything else… We are here for you. Our staff is ready to lend support whenever it’s needed. We will work on your project on every level so that it operates like a well oiled machine.

PPC Management Fees

We have put together a pricing structure to perfectly suit all of your needs. We have designed of this program to perform at the optimal levels, and we’ve also created it to promote knowledge transfer. Meaning you will learn about pay per click and PPC management as we go along. You’ll no longer have to feel like you’re in the dark about the Internet, advertising and paid search.

To take advantage of our generous offer, please call 800-419-7150 today. We’ll provide a free quote and see what we can do to help get your Internet marketing off the ground.

Here’s how we can help…

    • Our primary focus is meeting your budgetary requirements.
    • We will work toward lowering your overall costs while increasing return on investment.
    • We work diligently to correctly manage bids.
    • Throughout the day, we recalculate PPC costs. This enables us to give you, our valued customer, a tremendous advantage in your niche.

Further Pay Per Click Services

    1. Defined Campaign Strategies: At this opening stage, we set up your pay per click account, create ad groups and begin the initial campaign setup process.
    2. Keyword Research and Advanced Selection: You may have already determined keywords that work perfectly for your niche if you’ve been running pay per click campaigns for a while. Regardless of this fact, we will implement our own keyword research strategies. We will determine the most appropriate and best keyword phrases, bid on them and find out what works.
    3. Developing Copywriting: One of the main components of any successful PPC campaign is the copywriting. You will not succeed and achieve the click through rate that you desire without compelling content and copy. We will develop ads that highlight special offers and share unique selling points. Visitors will then go to relevant landing pages, opt in or purchase to maximize conversion and click through rates.
    4. Implementation of Campaign Conversion Tracking: We will track every click from the moment we begin running your campaigns. This is absolutely essential when it comes to maximizing PPC ROI. We will set up the necessary tracking codes and we can track conversions on a number of levels based upon your needs.
    5. Advertising Submissions: At this stage, we upload all keywords and creatives for approval. We do this with all necessary and relevant search engines. This is how we will participate in the pay per click search programs on your behalf.
    6. Pay Per Click Account Management: During this part of the process, we monitor bids and the cost per click (CPC) in order to determine the best positions for your ads. We do this across all campaigns and ad groups for maximum benefit. This is crucial for those trying to meet predetermined business objectives. (Cost per click, also known as CPC, is the amount of money that you have to pay when someone clicks on one of your search network advertisements. Or they may click on an ad from one of the partner websites.)
    7. Pay Per Click Analytics Report (Monthly): Each month, we provide our customers with a detailed report. This report covers things like individual keyword costs, the performance of each campaign, conversion tracking and performance trends. We will provide a written document, but we will also take the time to discuss the report with you on the phone. From there, we collectively determine how to move forward with your campaigns.
    8. Recommendations and Assessments: First we assess the situation based upon the data that we’ve gathered while running your PPC campaigns. Then we discuss what we’ve seen and make recommendations based upon the knowledge that we’ve acquired. We’ll make recommendations in regards to ad copy changes, bid management, addition or removal of keyword phrases, and much more.
    9. Optimizing and Testing: We will periodically create and test new ad creatives. We will also revise calls to action when deemed necessary.
    10. SEO Ranking and Analysis Report: We will thoroughly analyze and discuss search engine optimization strategies every month. We will provide a written report, but also go over everything with you. We will compare this report to the PPC report and determine which keyword phrases are best to pursue through search engine optimization. This will help you drive more traffic that you know is going to convert, and also cut down on your paid advertising requirements.

Do you think that you can benefit from our PPC management services? If so, please call our office to schedule a free appointment as soon as possible. You can reach us at 800-419-7150 right now.

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    -Brian Hutcheson, CEO Digital Dollar Productions
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