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The Evolution Of Google

Google’s Evolution

Since its inception, the Google search engine has evolved in various ways throughout the years. And during this time, they have literally implemented thousands of updates. Some updates were on a large scale while other, more frequent updates happened on a smaller scale.

googleThe latest evolution of Google is currently known as the semantic web. It’s a major change for the search engines, and every SEO agency needs to keep up if they are going to offer an effective solution for their clients. Any company ignoring the semantic web is going to be left in the dust. Since we do not want this to happen to you, we decided to inform you about the latest change so that you have a better understanding of the future of the Internet.

The Semantic Web Evolution

It’s no surprise that the future of search is heading in the direction of the semantic web. In the end, when you think about it, the search engines deliver results based on the entire web profile.

Let’s look in an example…

Say you happen to own a pet supply company that operates all over the United States. When you own a business this large, the search engines expect you to have a large amount of web content scattered all over the Internet on multiple platforms.

Without a large amount of content, your company will be looked upon as a smaller business within the pet supply niche. You need to have a lot of company information out there, plus plenty of content in order to come across as the authority in your industry. You’ll need to make this change in order to achieve high search engine rankings as part of the semantic web.

If you do not have the time or inclination to create all of this content yourself, it’s best to hire an SEO firm to develop multiple web properties in relation to your business. You will provide informative content to the general public, and it will also help promote your company services and products.

Mainly, every company needs to have a website and blog as the main hub. It’s also important to have a personal blog network, media wikis, videos, a social media presence, RSS feeds, Web 2.0 sites, social sharing options and other forms of syndication. But we’re only scratching the surface.

For a national pet supply company (or any other large or small business), it’s important to create hundreds of smaller web properties, some with original content and some that are automated, and place them around the main company blog to help boost rankings in the search engines.

This is the best way to succeed in today’s Internet environment. If you do not keep up with the current changes, and completely ignore the semantic web, you’ll have a difficult time succeeding on the Internet. The old rules are not going to work much longer.

How Does the Evolution of the Semantic Web Affect Your Business?

semanticwebOverall, it’s necessary to realize that semantic search and the latest Internet trends have a major impact on your company. They could either make or break your business. Google has their agenda in regards to ranking websites and webpages, and if you do not keep up with the roles you’ll have a difficult time achieving success. That’s all there is to it.

We have no desire to scare you. You may worry about some of the information presented today, but there’s no need to fear these changes. You are now connected to a search engine optimization company that sees the future and knows how to help you succeed.

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We’ll take a look at the big picture and look over your entire web profile. We will then integrate what we see into our Authority Domination Strategy. This is how we plan to approach the semantic web, and it’s working incredibly at this point.

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